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My Life is a Myriad of Hats

As I understand it a blogger should have some consistent topic or format they use.  Mine is a jumble of things because that is the life I live.  This is not in complaint, but matter-of-fact statement: My Life is a Myriad of Hats.

Some of the hats I wear:

I am bi-vocational again, officially as of today.  I begin a new position this afternoon and so my brain is trying to muster and manufacture the thoughts and energy needed to be creative, intuitive, and productive for that.  I am continuing to craft the sermon for this upcoming week and get the points needed from my heart and head to speech format.  I am in the process of tweaking a story my Honey wrote for our children when they were young and looking for the correct illustrations.  I am trying to continue my quest for changing my dietary and exercising habits to better my health and longevity.  I ponder and try to be as purposeful as possible in building relationships with our family; whether it is our grown children, their kids, nieces/nephews, etc.

The point: a lot going on in this head so who can limit a blog to just one topic?!

Today as per the norm on a Wednesday morning I met my gal friends at the mall to do our 2 laps of walking which is about 2 miles.  They had to tell me to slow down!  I so appreciate having them as partners in this endeavor of life.  After I came home I was hungry and I am trying hard to stick to eating a more plant based food diet.  With that in mind I had a terrific breakfast made from a Morning Star roasted black bean patty with blanched fresh green beans and some enchilada peppers.  Delish!  Oh and a glass of black cherry juice in a goblet of course.

I am really learning to understand and grasp the idea of the journey.  So often we want the results as Veruca Salt would have demanded in the movie “Willy Wonka” screaming, “I want it now!”  I am coming to the point in life where I am learning to be more accepting and comfortable with the process.  (I did not say I have arrived yet, but I am getting better at it.)

Paul tells us to run the race well and keep our eyes on the prize (1Cor. 9:24).

In Hebrews we read: “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.”  (Heb12:1 NIV)

So whether your life is a streamline of efficiency or more like mine a myriad of hats ~ enjoy it with and in the perseverance.  Carpe” Diem!