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“Happy Birthday Moon” and Reydyn too!

It is my grandson’s birthday today.  I was not able to see him to wish him face to face a Happy Birthday but here is something I was able to do.

Since we live in the age of technology, I texted him, just after 6:00 a.m.and wanting to be the first or one of the first to say that to him this morning.  What tickled me about that was he responded back so soon with a thank you!  Gotta love that!

Tonight on my way home from work I was going through the list of things to remember in my head while driving home and looked up into the sky to see the big beautiful full orange moon.  It happens just a few times of the year around here and is just so marvelous to view especially when the sky was as clear and as cold as it was this evening.  I was telling myself to remember to call my grandson when I got home to have a voice to voice conversation before his special day ends.

As I was thinking this I was again taken by what I could view in the sky.  God created some really amazing and wonderful eye candy.  We look into the heavens and wow, stars and clouds and a big orange moon.

The title of a book came to mind, “Happy Birthday Moon”.  Though Reydyn is much too old for this story anymore, the title fit and that’s what I called it.  I said thanks God for placing his present in the sky tonight.

When I got home safe and sound I came in and gave Rey a call.

Hey Rey Happy Birthday!  What are you doing?  He told me about the brownie chocolate chip bars they were making.  (They, being him, his dad and his sister, his mom’s at school tonight.)  And that it was a fine day today.

I said Rey did you see it?

See what Nana?

The moon I ordered for you.


You need to look outside Rey and see the moon God has in the sky for your birthday, it is a great big orange moon, just for you!  It’s a Happy Birthday Moon!

(Here is where I know we serve such an awesome God that cares about the little things.  Rey and the family had moved to a new place not too long ago and I have not yet been there to know if he could even see out into the sky.  What if the view was blocked by another building or huge trees?  What if somehow the moon wasn’t at the level in the sky that he could see it even if the view was clear?  But I took a chance anyway in the asking and well…)

Rey said hold on and yes Nana I see it!!!

Thank you Nana it is beautiful!

God loves us so much and lets us share that beauty with others.

Rey called to his sister and said, “Hey see that, that’s my Birthday Moon :)”.

He sent me a picture of it via his cell phone.

Rey's Happy Birthday Moon