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Man’s Wedding Band Lost

Man’s Wedding Band Lost

Rod my husband lost his wedding band about 3 weeks ago.  We were both very bummed.  We will celebrate 29 years of wedded bliss this February and it was just something that I really did not want to hear, “Honey I lost my wedding band.  I have looked everywhere and I cannot find it anywhere!”

We tore apart the bedroom looking under the bed, in the dresser drawers, through the things on his nightstand, in shirt pockets and coat pockets.  In his tote bag and around the guitars and equipment.  Near and around his computer area and throughout the garage.  Anywhere we could think of.

He and I prayed and asked God please, please, please let us find this ring!

It is not about the cost, though I did wonder what if someone else found it would they just turn it in, exchange the gold for cash.  It would not have any of the sentimental meaning that it has for the two of us.  He has worn it sense we married and it has been part of him and us and that whole illustration of a band being like the circle of love, and now it is somewhere out there just rolling around.  Ugh!

So we were disappointed, yet Rod continued to pray, I did too, but he more than me maybe because I lost the emerald that was in my ring.  A gift Rod had given me for our 10th Wedding Anniversary while wrapping items for location closure in a warehouse while at work.  And it took me two weeks to tell him about that!  I was so scared to say hey guess what I lost?  It was not found and my heart still aches over it.  God did however provide a replacement stone.  I certainly do not wear it while doing any laborious stuff anymore though!

Rod called me the other night and said, “guess where I…” that was all he got out of his mouth before I blurted out, “Where did you find it?!”  Funny being married so long it doesn’t take many words to know what is coming next.

He did find it, or I should say Big Bird found it.  Big Bird is one of the guys he works with, obviously not his real name.

Rod and Big Bird were in the warehouse unloading product and there it was lying on the floor as the fork lift moved another pallet full parts the gold shimmered and glistened and caught the eye of Big Bird.

God works that way, he glistens and shimmers and catches the eyes of those who are near.  The testimony of finding the ring is better because someone else found it.  I told Rod how wonderful is that, that Big Bird found it right there and could know that God answers the prayers of those he loves.

Rod could have found it somewhere on his own and he and I would have been grateful for it.  But God revealed the ring to someone else so that a bit of who He is could be shared for the testimony of His name!

Wedding band lost and found!

Become encircled by the one who sent his only son just for you!

BTW his name is Jesus, do you know him?