Being Quiet is Challenging!

Being Quiet is Challenging!


I was driving in the car with two small peeps.  One of the small peeps said, “I like the quiet in here.”  “Me too,” I said.

Apparently when this little man gets in his dad’s car oft times it is filled with loud music and commotion, so he was enjoying the peace that came with the quiet as well.

Caught my attention, how easily noise fills our American lifestyle and culture.  Everywhere we go elevator music is playing, closed circuit T.V. screens stream commercials and infomercials 24/7 while standing in most grocery store lines.  T.V.’s play continuously in most households (I enter into anyway).  Radio’s, IPod’s, MP3 players, and even old fashioned boom boxes.

When did we lose the art of silence?

When did that noise take over?

Quiet provides us an opportunity to listen to Holy Spirit and seek a calm that can be retrieved when we purpose to do that.  Listen, that is.









Let the words of the “Word” come back into memory and do that promised work, you know the good work He started and promised to complete.

I am challenged by how much more I need the quiet than I even realized.

How refreshed I am in the presence of peace, again His peace, that really does surpass understanding, unless you have experienced it, it is hard to explain.

Lord bring back the art of quiet; heal us from the need to constantly fill the so called background with noise.  Let us become familiar with Holy Spirit and communion with peace.










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  1. I’ve had spring break this week, and that is one thing that He has reminded me of over and over… Just stop to BE, not DO.

  2. Hard to do AJ to BE and not Do. Happy Easter BE blessed.

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