A funny thing happened while on my way to the forum…

A funny thing happened today while on the way to the forum.  Well ok I wasn’t on the way to the forum, but on my way to “Soaking Prayer”.  Once a month Set Free Ministries and Chapel in Lakewood has an hour set aside for congregational prayer.  There is something sweet about coming together with other believers and basking in a quiet hour to pray for the church/s, healing, direction, or you name it.

I had just left the house and was barely even a mile from home when my cell phone rang.  It was my sister-in-law so I answered it.  (Yes I know I was driving!)  Usually she communicates via text, but I figured it must be important and it was.

Hi Jean, are you home?

No, I am on my way to an appointment and then work, why?

Well I forgot my license in my purse and my purse is in Janice’s car and I can’t get a hold of her because she does not have a cell phone right now.  I can’t do my job here at Auto House unless I have my license.  So I need a ride home.  I will try someone else because I am sure your appointment is far more important than giving me a ride home.

Well important it is, I had been anticipating the quiet time in prayer for some time and really was hoping to lift before God again the upcoming Prayer Conference and all of us on the team and some of the challenges and concerns that have been presenting themselves.

Laura was talking in my right ear (through my cell) and I in a sense could hear Holy Spirit speaking in my left ear.  The conversation went a little different than you might think.

Jean I know you are on your way to “prayer” but I have let someone call you so you can be an answer to their prayer.  How effective do you think going to prayer would be and how silly would it sound to say I can’t answer your prayer need for a ride because I need to be at prayer right now?

I am always amazed at how quickly conversations like this take place in our hearts and minds.

I told Laura no worries I will be there in 20 minutes, I was already in route.

About an hour earlier I had asked a friend about meeting her for lunch and she declined.  I had wanted to take YO to lunch for quite some time as kind of a blessing for all the times she had taken me out while I was unemployed.  But alas she could not make it.  I was disappointed at first, but after the call from Laura kind of relieved, because it would have been real hard to take her home and be back in time to meet YO for lunch.

See God knows our days and plans ahead, even before we do.

I picked Laura up and took her home and enjoyed very much the conversation, it had been awhile since we had really had any time to talk and catch up.  When we got to her house I came in to greet her husband and Zitto the dog.  Then I used the rest room and was back out on the road.

Wondering ok what next Lord?  This day has been totally different then what I thought.  I grabbed a bite to eat and slowly started heading toward my job looking for some form of a distraction as I had about 2 hours before I needed to clock in.  I like being early, but I did not want to be that early!

I received another call this time from a buddy of mine in a panic about how to find the “playlist” she had created on RealPlayer for the worship service on this coming Sunday.  I smiled and saw a place two blocks ahead to pull over and listen.  I knew I was going to need to give full attention to this one.

As she was explaining her dilemma and frustration I remembered I had taken my laptop with me as I had planned on working on my workshop for the Prayer Conference.  So I told her, hey wait a minute, let me open up my computer and my RealPlayer program so I can walk you through the process.

After a few minutes of fumbling trying not to hang up on my cell and getting my laptop unpacked I was ready to co-pilot her through it.  We figured out what she needed and got the songs on the playlist in order and set up for service.

I am smiling again as I think about just the small things that God intervenes in, in our lives.

I left that morning really needing prayer and desiring some time on my laptop to complete my workshop presentation.  Instead I got to be used by God to be a prayer answered twice all while sitting in the comfort of our “Nox” and learning to be flexible with my day.

What would God do for you or someone else if you allowed him to reshuffle time and intrude on your destinations?


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  1. I’m so proud of you, answering God’s invitation to help my sissie. I know how frustrating it is to have set plans interrupted and changed….remember the joke of “how do you make God laugh”? We plan, but He directs..thanks for listening and following.
    I love you so much,

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