So what is in a nick-name?

So what is in a nick-name?

You may wonder why I go by Pastor Weenie and isn’t that kind of an irreverent name to call a pastor?

As a kid my sisters called me Weener and/or Weenie I guess because it rhymed with Jean and Jeannie.  Dad called me bean.  These names were given to me in jest but also spoken with affection.  Have you noticed that nick-names usually come at the point of more intimacy in a relationship.  I am speaking of when a relationship goes deeper than things like weather, traffic, news, etc.  So the name Weenie has stuck with me and my close family and some of my friends call me by that.  It’s better than when they were calling me the “Church Lady” from SNL fame.

Nick-names can come from personality traits and quirks or maybe physical differences we have.

My husband and his two sisters have given themselves Indian nick-names since they are of American Indian decent.  Rod (my husband) his name is E.D.L.E.O. sounds like Ed-lee-O and means Eyes Don’t Like Each Other.  He has exotropia: A form of strabismus in which one or both of the eyes deviate outward.

Rod also likes to give nick-names to things.  He has three pans that he uses to cook stew in.  (Another one of his nick-names is “The Stew King” ‘cause he makes a great stew!)  Betty is the usual sized pan, one that you might typically boil potatoes in or cook pasta.  Mabel is the medium sized one that feeds more than just the family, and well Bertha is the one that holds enough to feed a small army.  I had to learn their names because it’s hard to co-operate the cooking experience without knowing things such as this when helping My Honey in the kitchen.

My Honey, that’s another nick-name I call my husband when I talk about him.  I will say My Honey this or that.  I refer to him as My Honey, when I pen him a note it is addressed to NM, and when I speak to him I call him Cutie.  If he is in the doghouse well then it is like most every other woman/wife/mother does I quote his whole first, middle and last name.

So what’s the point to all of this?  I was pondering about the different nick-names and got to thinking about God.  (Most everything comes back to that if you know me at all.)  God has many different names we call him.  Some say, “The Man Upstairs”.  Those in Christian circles might refer to him, as I do sometimes, as “Abba” which means father.  Some say Heavenly Father.  We speak to him through the name of his son Jesus Christ.  We can sense his spirit when Holy Spirit is present.

Whatever name you call him, my question is do you know him and have relationship enough with him to call him friend?  If not consider that right now…call out on the name of Jesus Christ, confess your sin and accept him as Lord and savior.

“Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men by which we must be saved.”  Acts 4:10 (NIV)


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